BB recap: Plymouth struggles against Northwood

Northwood's Braxton Linville was simply tough to stop in the first NLC meeting for both the Panthers and the Plymouth Pilgrims Friday night.   Although he wasn't the leading scorer, Linville led his Panthers to a 74-68 win at The Rock.

While Linville got his 19 points, his 11 assists were just as impressive.  Most of those passes went to Vincent Miranda who literally had a quite 29 points against a normally stingy Plymouth defense.

Northwood's quick 3rd quarter start finished 21-9 at the end of it.  Miranda scored 12 of his 29 in that quarter for the Panthers.

Plymouth outscored Northwood 34-23 in the final frame to get closer with Nick Felke scoring all 11 of his points in the last quarter.

Plymouth will get ready for a trip to South Bend Riley on the 23rd.  Northwood will play over the Holiday break at the Tippy Valley tourney on Jan. 2nd.